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I Wonder How It Will Go!

I am not the hippest when it comes to web design or determining what is engaging web content or even how to attract readers, but let's see how this thing goes. Our customers are always very important to us and we love to engage with you on a personal level when you are in our store. I am hoping this will be a way for us to engage when you are not in Wimberley. My blog posts will probably be sporadic, especially while we are in our busier seasons, and very random. Many may be food relate, because I love to cook and eat. Some may be tips on what design styles are popular and some may be to let you know what is going on in the world of retail from a retailers perspective. You might even get some humorous stories, because we all need a good laugh these days. I hope you will find these little tidbits of words thrown together and called a blog will be of some interest to you and bring you either some information, some encouragement or some entertainment.

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