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Making Christmas Bright!

If you have ever been to our store at Christmastime, you know we are Christmas Crazy! I am asked frequently if I decorate people's homes for Christmas and the answer is, "Nope, I barely survive decorating the store!", but I do share my tips and tricks for decorating your tree! The most important things to invest in when decorating your tree, besides the tree itself, are your ribbon and florals. Never skimp on these items. Cheap ribbon will lead to a cheap looking tree, as will florals, so budget fairly for these two important items. When selecting ribbon, I like to choose a 2 1/2 to 3 inch wide wired ribbon. I choose 3 ribbons for each tree - one solid and two complimentary patterned ribbons. I will take all three ribbons in hand, pull it out from the roll two armlengths and cut. Then take the ribbons at their center point and place it in the tree. I fix them in place using the branch of my artificial tree or, if the branches are not suitably pliable, I will use floral wire or pipe cleaner (green or brown) to affix them into the branches. Once they are placed, I will spread out the ribbons, tuck them in and out of the branches and use more branches/ wire/ pipe cleaners to get them to stay in place as needed. I hope the picture below is somewhat helpful. It is hard to get a good example picture once my trees are completed.

Next we have florals. Quality florals, like quality ribbon, will last and hold up for many years if you store them properly, so be willing to splurge on your florals. I am one to look at things a little differently, so I am not one to just use traditional Christmas florals.

In the angel tree below, I used white hydrangeas and roses that looked so beautiful and soft with the seafoam green, cream and platinum ribbons.

In my nature tree, I played with some pampas grass to give a snow fall at the top of the tree

and snowy effect under the ski chalets tucked in the tree.

With my upside down Texas tree, I wanted a western rustic look, so I used various wheats and grasses in a more natural fall coloring to create that feel.

Take a look at everyday florals and see if they will compliment the desire effect you are looking for. You might be surprised by what you can do.

Another thing I like to do is put signs or other random objects in the tree that take up some space and add interest. In the Texas tree above, you may have noticed the tobacco basket that I used to act as a frame for some larger ornaments, as well a cowboy hat and what you can't see is an open lantern on the other side. In the angel tree, you may have seen the open frame lantern with a picture frame in it.

In last year's Texas tree, I put a sign in the center point of the tree and used natural grasses and geraniums to frame it out.

This is a top selling sign. (Insert silly grin)

On the window side of our nature tree, I went with our "Seek Beauty In All Things" sign framed by various floral pics and ribbon and complimented with nature ornaments. It is so beautiful at night!

In my King of Kings Nativity tree, I went with a beautiful wooden picture as my focal point.

And finally, my pet tree with fun candy striped bone picks, puppy dog and Ho-Ho-Ho ribbon and the centerpiece is an enamel "I Love My Dog" sign.

Whatever you do, just have fun and don't be afraid to experiment with all kinds of items to put in your tree.

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