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Experiment, Explore and Enjoy!

This page is a work in progress and we will continue to add recipes that use the products we sell in our shop.  We feel the best way to represent our products is to honestly use our products and that is exactly what we do.
We hope that you will enjoy the recipes and this will encourage you to always play with your food! 

It is the best way to create culinary delights. 

Never be afraid of failure.  Some of the best things come from trial and error.


Shit Seasoning Recipes

These seasonings will aim to please.  
Sure, they are funny and, yes, we have a great time with all the puns we use in the shop when doing our samplings and telling you what they are for, but the taste always gets you! 

Once you have a little Shit, you never go back!

Click below for Shit-ty recipes.

Jammin' with Jellies

Sweety, you need a little suga'!
We carry different jams and jellies throughout the seasons.  They don't just go on biscuits and toast.  Heck no, they go on so much more and this is why you need to start playing with your food!

Click below for recipes to make your mama Jelly-ous!



Sometimes a good dip mix is good for more than just a dip.  Think about the ingredients in the mix and you just might come up with a great dish you can add i to or even come up with a new recipe incorporating the mix. 
Click below for some of our Dip Mix Creations.


More Yummy Recipes

When new food products come in, I like to bring them home and try them out.  This allows me to come up with new recipes using the products that I love to share with you.  I hope you will enjoy them.

Click below for more yummy recipes.


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