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Trends are a funny thing and the way they come about is rather interesting. We as retailers get a little different perspective on things than end buyers do. If you work in retail as a buyer, you learn quickly that trends are set by the designers at your wholesale vendors or through other manufacturing designers. That trend then is on display for retailers in showrooms at large wholesale markets and on wholesale online resources. Those trends are then bought by the retailers and displayed in stores for consumers to buy. The general changes of trends fall in the first part of the year and mid-year, as that is the time for the largest purchasing markets. When we go to market or peruse our wholesalers' websites, we pick items we think you, the consumer, will like and that is then brought into our stores. This is how it works for all large and small retailers. Believe it or not, for the most part, Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby and all other mass retailers have access to the same items we do, but they tend to stick with certain vendors and we generally avoid those vendors, as we wish to provide you with unique higher quality items. That is the beauty of shopping at boutique stores. So, in the end, we think we set the trends as consumers, but that is not necessarily reality. We, as consumers, determine if a trend sticks around or not with our purchasing choices, but the wholesalers/ manufacturers and their designers are actually the ones creating the trend. Just a fun little fact in the retail world!

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